Wednesday, April 6, 2011

today I am wishing for the sun and warmth that we had yesterday, but this is Virginia so we have to believe that April will bring many more days like yesterday. 
sitting in the sun eating lunch with friends, i found myself dreaming of sundresses, hats, perfect accessories, and summer!

 i just LOVE these Lilly P. dresses...there are so many that it is impossible to pick favorites, but these caught my eye as cute daytime wear. perfect with this Vineyard Vines hat recently tried this hat on and it was simply the most perfect floppy hat...unfortunately my head is a little bit above average in size and this hat is "one size fits all"
so Vineyard Vines has acquired the rights and been named the official site of the Kentucky Derby. this is very exciting. I love horses and it is hard not to love the Derby and all that comes with it! so now v.vines will be making horse related garb and i LOVE it.

xx Queen Me

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