Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh My Summer!

summer may seem pretty far off if you are drowning in endless exams, papers, and packing like I am. but stay positive, keep your head up, and finish strong! 

Speaking from personal experience, letting things sorta slide at the end will not make you happy when summer finally comes. so do your best work, write your best papers, wash and fold your clothes when you get my point. 
summer is soon. work hard. feel like you deserve your summer! 

xx QueenMe 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

vineyard vines spring tour

here is a link to the remaining stops on the spring 2011 vineyard vines tour. if you have the desire to acquire little pink whales to plaster all over everything you own, or if you just want to fraternize with little prepSTARS like yourself, get there. 

if you don't want to go out of your way to have a "surprise run-in" with the gang, you may actually run into them, stumble into their tent (and then decide to flirt with them for a bit to solicit a fist full of those irresistible little whales), this spring at Foxfields... i assume all will attend.

xx Queen Me

i beg of you, go nude!

so as spring rolls in we get a little jumpy and begin to make mistakes, like wearing shorts when the temp hits 50, and rubbing self-tanner all over our bodies (pssst! the gig is up, you've been hiding in your dorm room all winter... you're not fooling us!). 

one of the most offensive mistakes in my mind is wearing neon colored nail polish on your fingers. if you feel the need to wear neon polish, save it for your toes (where bright colors and acceptable if not desired). 

i love the look of nude nails, and you should too. light pinks and light nudes, not too opaque, not too shiny...

i bought the most perfect color today called Vanity Fairest by Essie and it delights me.
may your toes be bright and your fingers be subtle. please remove the neon it offends me and embarrasses you...and rub in the orange blotches on the backs of your knees. nobody wants to see that. 

xx Queen Me

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Enamel is it.

i am totally in love with enamel bangles. i have small hands and have a hard time keeping bangles on...but if you are lucky enough to be able, wear some for me! 

xx Queen Me
today I am wishing for the sun and warmth that we had yesterday, but this is Virginia so we have to believe that April will bring many more days like yesterday. 
sitting in the sun eating lunch with friends, i found myself dreaming of sundresses, hats, perfect accessories, and summer!

 i just LOVE these Lilly P. dresses...there are so many that it is impossible to pick favorites, but these caught my eye as cute daytime wear. perfect with this Vineyard Vines hat recently tried this hat on and it was simply the most perfect floppy hat...unfortunately my head is a little bit above average in size and this hat is "one size fits all"
so Vineyard Vines has acquired the rights and been named the official site of the Kentucky Derby. this is very exciting. I love horses and it is hard not to love the Derby and all that comes with it! so now v.vines will be making horse related garb and i LOVE it.

xx Queen Me

top of my list

while i am incredibly happy with everything that i have (had to say that so i don't sound like a snob) it is still nice to wish for things... like world peace, lasting love, and an Hermes enamel bangle.

there are few items that i feel would complete more perfect outfits, or make me happier to see on my wrist

Give it a Go

so i was faced recently with a difficult situation involving a friend and an ex... this is the part where you can use your imagination, and yes, it was too soon, and yes, she broke girl code. 

i have never been good at holding grudges and i can't decide if that is a weakness or a blessing, but in any event, i have decided to forgive her.

and it feels good. so as you go about your day maybe you'll realize that it is time to forgive someone. or maybe not, cause that was such an unbelievably bitchy thing she did to you! 

i'm giving it a go. 

xx Queen Me



welcome friends. 

after some encouragement and a bit of thought, here it is.

a blog of my fabulous life.


xx Queen Me