Thursday, April 7, 2011

i beg of you, go nude!

so as spring rolls in we get a little jumpy and begin to make mistakes, like wearing shorts when the temp hits 50, and rubbing self-tanner all over our bodies (pssst! the gig is up, you've been hiding in your dorm room all winter... you're not fooling us!). 

one of the most offensive mistakes in my mind is wearing neon colored nail polish on your fingers. if you feel the need to wear neon polish, save it for your toes (where bright colors and acceptable if not desired). 

i love the look of nude nails, and you should too. light pinks and light nudes, not too opaque, not too shiny...

i bought the most perfect color today called Vanity Fairest by Essie and it delights me.
may your toes be bright and your fingers be subtle. please remove the neon it offends me and embarrasses you...and rub in the orange blotches on the backs of your knees. nobody wants to see that. 

xx Queen Me

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